Friday, March 30, 2012

R . A . F . T . s .

The RAFTs Technique is a system to help students understand their role as a writer, the audience they will address, the varied formats for writing, and the expected content. It is an acronym that stands for:

Role of the Writer - Who are you as the writer? An auto mechanic? A warrior? An endangered snail?
Audience - To whom are you writing? Is your audience the American people? A friend? Newspaper readers?
Format - What form will the writing take? Is it a letter? A classified ad? A speech? A poem?
Topic & Strong Verb - What's the subject or the point of this piece? To persuade? Plead? Inform? Apologize?

Almost all RAFTs writing assignments are written from a viewpoint different from the student's, to another audience rather than the teacher, and in a form different from the ordinary theme. Therefore, students are encouraged to use creative thinking and response as they connect their imagination to newly learned information.



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