Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Prequiem for Black Boyhood

A Prembrance of Trayvon Martin

You have the right to remain silent son, but please don’t make that choice.
If you’re stopped by a cop, speak meekly, in a nice, polite little voice.
“Oh, yes sir, officer. Thank you, sir,” – like a character in a play.
Don’t be yourself, ‘cause I can’t have you not come home one day.

If someone decides to start trouble as you’re walking down the street,
Back away, turn around and run. You have a duty to retreat.
So what if you’ve done nothing wrong. Give in. Never put up a fight.
Don’t stand your ground, ‘cause I can’t have you not come home some night.

You can’t go out there and do things you might think you should be able to.
Know this: my life would be over if ever I had to bury you.
So check yourself. Select your friends. Protect what you let others see.
Don’t trust the world, ‘cause I can’t have you not come home to me.

Despite a birthright of liberty to pursue your happiest dream,
Your freedom has limits, and I know how unjust that may seem.
Still – no heroics. Don’t take a stand when you see evil being done.
Don’t be a man, ‘cause I can’t have you not come home, my son.


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