Sunday, April 1, 2012

Urban Writing Classroom Framework

Culturally Inclusive Framework

for the Urban Writing Classroom

Core Theme: Community

Core Practice: Foster and maintain a safe and respectful environment where young people are free to be themselves, free to take chances, and free from fear of making mistakes.

Core Theme: Cultural Relevance

Core Practice: Locate the curriculum in learners’ lives through content that is personally and socially relevant to them. Make the classroom a place of personal empowerment.

Core Theme: Conversation

Core Practice: Find ways to promote and sustain an ongoing class conversation. Encourage personal reflection through writing and discussing.

Core Theme: Routines & Rituals
 Core Practice: Establish familiar classroom writing routines, group-building rituals and room rules.

Core Theme: Feedback / Critique 

Core Practice: All students are capable of brilliance. Carefully measure critique, illuminating their gifts instead of burying learners in corrections and rules.
Core Theme: Teacher Sharing

Core Practice: Thoughtfully-chosen, pointedly shared writing from the instructor can be beneficial to understanding the writing process and building community.

Core Theme: Spatial Justice

Core Practice: Design flexible floor plans that accommodate diverse young learners and facilitate communication during a variety of individual and group activities.

Core Theme: Professional Development

Core Practice: Stay current on the best research-proven strategies of great writing teachers.

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