Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Literacy Electric

Media = Message


Decoding Digital Literacy

Literacy today depends on understanding the multiple media that make up our high-tech reality and developing the skills to use them effectively.

Paul Glister created the term, Digital Literacy [1997] - some call it Information Literacy

Digital Literacy anagram = TIDY TRAGICAL LIE

I Link, Therefore I Am
      "Network Literacy"

"Every effort to confine Americanism to a single pattern, to constrain it to a single formula, is disloyalty to everything that is valid in Americanism." 
-- Henry Steele Commager

If learners are to learn, they must write.

Food - Language Metaphor

Keep asking: "What is being asked?"

We worry too much about giving answers. We focus so obsessively on answers, we don't even read the question.

Three Tips for Designing a Website that Works!

First, consider that a website is not a thing, it is a place. It must be understood in the context of a place that has a real-world equivalent. So for instance, let's say we want to make a website to store and share recipes. One could simply make a page with a long list of recipe titles and directions, but it wouldn't be very easy to find things. Now, if the site is imagined to be an actual kitchen, the user then has an idea of how to navigate the site based on familiarity with how kitchens are generally set up. Cabinets and cupboards would hold useful kitchen tools. We would look for recipes in the recipe box. We would expect to find notes and information posted on the refrigerator door, and perhaps the table is a place for sharing ideas or photographs.

Second, with website layout, think of text as images -- and images as text. Limit the amount of words on a single page. Feature titles, sub-headings and bullet lists. Use short sentences and small paragraphs to post chunks of data. Provide links within the spare text if users decide they want to drill for more info. Use images to communicate ideas.

Third, limit your design to two (maybe three) main colors, and be very consistent in the layout choices so that every page has the same look and feel.

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