Monday, April 16, 2012

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Music Video Remix Response to 
Annenberg Media's Write in the Middle Workshops

Responding to Writing: Teacher to Student

Key Ideas!

Teachers help students write for meaningful purposes, prompting students' interest in developing their writing. Having learners write about matters of personal relevance establishes a foundation for effective conferences.

Responding to Writing: Peer to Peer

Key Ideas!

The need to interact with peers and to express their needs and feelings make peer conferences a natural fit for most young writers. When teachers carefully create conditions in which the learners feel safe as writers and as respondents, peer conferences build writing skills while also helping to build a respectful, responsible community of writers.

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  1. Vance,

    An incredible, synthesized product composed of responses to texts, images, music, links, and your creativity-meets-tech-savvy prowess.